Blood Bag Mixer Orbital

Model Blood Bag Mixer with

Weight  Cat # 1744

Blood value As per Requirements
Power Consumption 32 VA
Tarring Range 0-650 g
Mixing Cycles 5-6 RPM
Weight 4.95 Kg
Body Material Plastic
Voltage 220 V
Dimension 355*182*125mm


Blood Bag Mixer ORBITAL

is a device used to measure and shake the blood bag during a blood transfusion so that the blood in the bag does not clot and is mixed with anticoagulant fluid in the bag properly. This study aims to design an automatic blood collection and mixer for the transfusion blood system. The advantage of the proposed design is accompanied by a safety system in the form of a barrier indicator that is connected to an alarm. The alarm served to give a warning to blood donors if there is an obstacle or there is no increase in volume as much as 20ml for 1 minute as recommended by the world blood bank association. This device can work with three different sizes of blood bags.

IMG 6703

Then it is converted into milliliter volume. In order to collect the blood, a shaker is drove using a motor controlled by Arduino microcontroller. From the measurement, for the entire size of the blood bag.

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Weight 4.95 kg


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