Digital Water Bath     Cat # 1790

No of Tubes 12*75mm 24
Temperature Display Digital
Temperature Range Ambient 0° C to  90° C
Temp Resolution 0.1 C
Main Body Plastic
Water Flow Smooth Flow
Weight 2.50 Kg
Dimensions 260 *250*140mm
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Digital Water Bath that is introduced by Biorays that are highly reliable, precision and accurate Digital Water Bath Plastic body. Water Bath have test tube stand for 24, 122* 75 tubes and a smooth flow of water with plastic body.    The size of tubes can be customized. Water bath can also be customized for thawing the blood bag economical. Digital Water bath with easy-to-use temperature control and clear to read LED water temperature. Incorporated over temperature protection system that tracks the set temperature and controls the heater in the event of a fault.

The heater is mounted underneath the rank to allow easy cleaning. Bath covers are included as standard with each bath to help reduce heat losses and evaporation. The covers are manufactured from robust polycarbonate allowing full visibility of the bath contents.

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Weight 2.320 kg


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