NEW HEMOMETER SAHLI’S METHOD (sahli hemoglobinometer)

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Hemometer Sahli’s method:

Sahli was involved in almost all aspects of internal medicine, and made contributions in the fields of neurology, physiology and hematology, being especially known for his work in hemodynamics. He made improvements to the sphygmomanometer, and introduced “Sahli’s hemoglobinometer”, an instrument used for colorimetric determination of the blood’s hemoglobin content. His name is also associated with the “Sahli pipette method” for performing red blood cellcounts, as well as the “Hayem-Sahli hemocytometer”, which is a device used to find the quantity of platelets in a specified volume of blood.


Hemometer Parts:

a. Sahli’s graduated hemoglobin tube (marked in grams percent g% (2-24) and percentage % ( 10 -140)
b. Comparator with a brown glass standard. opaque white glass is present at the back to provide uniform illumination.
c. Sahli’s pipette or hemoglobin pipette (marked at 20µl or 0.02 ml). No bulb
d. Stirrer: Thin glass rod .

what are the indications of hemoglobin estimation?

• To determine presence and severity of anemia
• Screening for polycythemia
• To assess response to specific therapy in anemia.
• Estimation of red cell indices
• Selection of blood donors.

what are the different methods of hemoglobin estimation

the different methods are
a. visual method/colour comparison method
b. spectrophotometric method
c. Gasometric method
d. Automated method/hemoglobinometry
e. Miscellaneous : specific gravity method

3. What is principle of acid hematin method of hemoglobin estimation?

Blood is mixed with an acid solution so that hemoglobin is converted to brown-colored acid hematin. This is then diluted with water till the brown color
matches that of the brown glass standard. The hemoglobin value is read directly from the scale.

4. What are the reagents used for HEMOMETER SAHLI’S METHOD?

1. N/10 hydrochloric acid
2. Distilled water

Explain the procedure of HEMOMETER SAHLI’S METHOD :


a. After ensuring the hemoglobin pipette and tube are dry,add N/10 HCl into the tube upto mark 2g%
b. Mix the EDTA sample gently and fill the pipette with 0.02ml blood. Make sure that no air bubbles enter into the pipette. If it enters, discard and pipette again. Wipe the external surface of the pipette to remove any excess blood.
c. Add the blood into the tube containing HCl. Wash out the contents of the hemoglobin pipette by drawing in and blowing out the acid few times so that the blood is mixed with the acid thoroughly.
d. Allow to stand undisturbed for 10min.( This is because, maximum conversion of hemoglobin to acid hematin, occurs in the first ten minutes )
e. Place the hemoglobinometer tube in the comparator and add distilled water to the solution drop by drop. Stir with the glass rod till it’s color matches with that of the comparator glass. While matching the color, the glass rod must be removed from the solution and held vertically in the tube.( Note that the stirrer should be above the level of the solution and not out of the tube )
f. The reading of the lower meniscus of the solution should be noted as the result. Express the hemoglobin content as g%.

what are the advantages of HEMOMETER SAHLI’S METHOD?
Cheap and can be used for hemoglobin estimation where automated hematology analyser is not available. No technical expertise is needed to perform.

what are the disadvantages of this HEMOMETER SAHLI’S METHOD?
a. 95% color of acid hematin is formed in 10 mins. The color of acid hematin fades with time.
b. It is difficult to match perfectly with the glass comparator.
c. Carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, and sulfhemoglobin are not converted to acid hematin.
d. Acid hematin solution is not stable and color formation is slow
e. Source of light will influence the visual comparison of colors.
f. Color of brown glass standard fades with time
g. Individual variation in matching of color is seen.

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