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Suction machines or Aspiration machine are tracheostomy-care devices used for removing obstructions from a person’s airway. The machine uses suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy breathing. it can be used in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office and ambulances or at home.

  • It has a 2 ltrs container.
  • With container level Indication
  • Maximum Speed is 2 ltr/mint
  • Buzzer at maximum level
  • Automatic stop at maximum level
  • With tires to transfer easily

What are aspiration units or suction units?

Aspirators, also known as suction aspiration units, are medical devices used to remove mucus and other bodily fluids from a patient through suction. Often designed to be portable, they are useful in a multitude of medical environments and for homecare.

General use aspirators like the ones offered here are used to perform a wide range of suction procedures. Comprising a hollow tube connected to a vacuum and pump, aspirators are used in both homecare and clinical settings, for bronchial and oral hygiene and effective airway clearance.

The units come in various sizes, and vary from lightweight portable models to tabletop models to more heavy-duty mobile units to be placed on a moving stand or cart.


Suctioning is an element of bronchial hygiene. It involves the mechanical removal of secretions from the nasopharynx, oropharynx and trachea. The airway may be surgically altered (through laryngectomy), artificial (through tracheostomy) or in its natural state. The patient may or may not be receiving mechanical ventilation.

Anyone who has had a tracheotomy can use suction aspiration to maintain good tracheostomy hygiene. Other home care needs often arise during elder care, if it becomes difficult or painful for the patient to keep airways clear through productive coughing, or if swallowing becomes problematic.

What types of suction or aspiration options exist?

The Rehabmart selection of general use suction aspiration units includes a variety of sizes. Most units run on AC/DC or battery power, though a manual aspiration pump is available. Unit size varies with the units designed for home use featuring smaller footprints. Most have suction cup feet to keep the units from sliding during operation. Some units include portable handles and covers. Portability is especially important for ambulance and nursing home use.

A variety of connecting tubes, catheters and collection jars are offered (some sterile). Some units can be used with any type of collection jar, while others require a specific model. Many collection jars are disposable, and many offer auto float shut off when full (overflow protection).

The Rehabmart selection of suction aspiration units and their accessories is designed to fit the needs of general use suction procedures in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, ambulances and also in homecare situations.

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What Are Suction Machines / Aspirators Used For?

  • Suction machines used in the homes are usually for helping people with respiratory problems. When a patient or an elderly person is not able to clear the lungs and airway of mucus or serum, then an aspirator can be used to suck out the fluids.
  • Tracheostomy care also involves use of suction machines for removal of secretions from the trachea, nasopharynx and oropharynx thereby maintaining hygiene of the trachea. Suction machines may also be used in cases when someone has a moist cough and is not able to clear secretions from the throat effectively.
  • Components of a suction machine typically include suction pump, connection and patient tubings, disposable canister with lid, rechargeable battery, power cord and bacteria filter.
  • The bacteria filter prevents back flow from the canister and airborne contaminants from entering and damaging the pump.
  • A yankauer is used to aspirate secretions from either a surgical site or a body orifice. Its tip is slightly crooked so as to prevent smooth passage into the throat without fragile tissue being damaged.
  • Our selection of suction machines or aspiration machine stands out for their powerful suction force, reliability and high performance. Portable suction machines are small enough to be fit into a travel bag and can easily be transported anywhere.
  • Suction machines or aspiration machine today are lightweight, portable and technologically sophisticated. The most clogged airway can be cleared up quickly through strong, powerful machines returning the patient to the state of comfort. Some of these aspirators have adjustable vacuum pressure needed especially when working with children or the elderly.

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  • Portable
  • Assembled in Pakistan.
  • Made in USA.

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